SANTA MONROE has outfitted Lady Gaga's iconic Roseland Bowl closing shows, dressed stars like Nick Jonas and Dylan Sprouse, appeared in top magazines including Cosmopolitan and L'Officiel, and has only been around for a year - a testament to the brand's raw power and potential. Founded and directed by Abel Ljoka after sharpening his skills at The Blonds, SANTA MONROE is lawless, bringing punk and genderless "don't give a fuck" fashions to every day aesthetics. It's as soft as it is hard, pretty as it is edgy... think Harlem in the Vatican, or a UK anarchy set in a fairytale... perhaps at a ball, whether ballroom or basketball court. Point is SANTA MONROE can't be put in a box, it's a mood. From 1-of-1 handmade pieces, to streetwear staples, this is New York's latest label to watch. 

Now light a candle for Saint Monroe, your prayers have been answered.